About Us

Over the past three years, Coinsilium has built a portfolio of interests in fast-growing blockchain companies from around the world, including FactomRSK Labs, Blox and Indorse. Coinsilium was originally set up to offer shareholders exposure to opportunities in the fast-growing blockchain industry via a recognized stock exchange (NEX Exchange). In July 2017, the company announced an exit on one of its seed investments, SatoshiPay, after less than two years with a valuation uplift of 363% (Article here)

Through its early investments in leaders in blockchain and smart contract technologies, Coinsilium is ideally positioned to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that lie ahead and generate asymmetric returns for its shareholders.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is now labelled a ‘foundational technology’ and new blockchain protocols are emerging with features and applications far beyond the initial vision of digital currencies for payment purposes. As the growth in digital asset offerings gathers pace, smart contracts and ‘Tokenization’ models are set to play a key role in the development of this market and Coinsilium has partnered with some of the leaders in this sector.

Blockchain technologies offer the potential for greater efficiencies and streamlined processes by reducing operational costs through automated transactions and smart contracts, thus removing costs usually associated with intermediaries. Sectors as diverse as health care, insurance, energy, commodities and real estate are all primed to benefit from these disruptive technologies. 

The Token Economy

Since 2017 over $5bn has been raised by blockchain companies via the sale of digital tokens. Multi-million-dollar hedge funds, such as HyperChain Capital, with whom Coinsilium has signed a co-investing MoU, have recently emerged with the sole objective of acquiring and trading these blockchain-based tokens.

The new token economy offers innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to create game-changing models and disrupt multi-billion-dollar industries such as social media, as is the case with Coinsilium’s Singapore-based investee Indorse: A blockchain-powered decentralised social network for professionals that puts users in charge of their own data. The Indorse platform uniquely enables its users to monetise their data and verify their profiles through a token-centric reward system. This functionality introduces a disruptive new paradigm into the multi-billion-dollar global social network industry, thus providing greater transparency and data security to an industry increasingly plagued by privacy breaches and data ownership issues.