Listen: Government advised to adopt blockchain

Sir Mark Walport, the British government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Today to programme to discuss his recommendation that the government consider using blockchain technology.
As the presenter points out, very few people are yet aware of what ‘blockchains’ are. This is despite it being a market that is growing faster than the internet in terms of growth and levels of investment. 
Sir Mark offers a great explanation in the interview, which you can listen to below. Among the uses he sees for blockchain, Sir Mark mentions property ledgers. This is something one of our investee companies, Factom, is currently working on with the Honduran government. 
Other examples Sir Mark draws are those which are popular issues in the West and the mainstream media: medical records and the distribution of aid to countries in need. Listen to hear him explain these in more detail, and note that he is advising government that they should take blockchain ‘very seriously’.