Panel: Investing in bitcoin and blockchain

Back in April, Coinsilium's Eddy Travia and Jan Skoyles hosted a panel discussion at the London UK Investor Show. With author Dominic Frisby and Magnr CEO Colin Kwan joining them, the questions came thick and fast from the audience who were keen to learn more about blockchain and bitcoin investments.

 Watch the full video here: 

Dominic Frisby is the author of 'Bitcoin, the future of money?' a fantastic book for anyone who has had enough of hearing the terms bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto and blockchain being banded around and would now like to join in with the conversation. 

Colin Kwan is the CEO of Magnr, a bitcoin trading and savings platform. If you own bitcoin but are one of the many thousands who have just left it sat in a wallet, Magnr offers you a way to still make more from your bitcoin. The Magnr savings account pays interest on your bitcoin - great for those who are just sitting on their bitcoin waiting for a rainy day. 

With both of our guests alongside Eddy Travia, this was sure to be an interesting panel, with an audience interested in the story and investment opporutnities behind the two topics of interest: bitcoin and blockchain. 

Discussion points included:

  • Is there a change in the general sentiment about bitcoin and blockchain?
  • Why should we trust investing in both bitcoin and blockchain?
  • What will happen to the bitcoin price as we approach 2140?

If you would like to learn more about bitcoin, then why not check out one of our bitcoin and blockchain courses?