SatoshiPay has announced its API launch

SatoshiPay: API and 10,000 wallets

Earlier this week we announced the launch of SatoshiPay's API and that they had reached 10,000 user wallets. 

Below is the announcement from SatoshiPay, in full:

SatoshiPay’s technology enables content publishers to facilitate nanopayments, generating
new revenue streams by allowing monetisation on a nano-scale.

The API enables the company to support any digital implementation, a significant
improvement over its previous release, which only supported WordPress websites,
this means SatoshiPay can now be used on 100% of the web, whereas it only supported 26%

The API will enable developers to utilise SatoshiPay’s technology in any digital or
internet connected product.

Meinhard Benn, SatoshiPay CEO was quoted:

“We have been delighted by the response we’ve
received from the developer community and we’re excited to announce the API. Our mission
is to enable developers to use SatoshiPay for any kind of digital product or service they
want to implement nanopayments into. We believe this will enable us to significantly scale
our reach as developers can use our system in any way they can dream. We will continue to
add features frequently to support our growing ecosystem of developers and partners”.

With the introduction of their API, SatoshiPay positions itself as a payment
infrastructure provider; enabling apps and services to be built on top of their platform.

The API makes SatoshiPay’s technology accessible to the millions of developers who build
apps and software, as well as enterprises looking for a more flexible means to implement
bitcoin technology into their current frameworks.

“Developer and enterprise interest in SatoshiPay has been tremendous and this is the next
step in our evolution” said Benn.

SatoshiPay will build exposure of its API through partnerships, conferences, developer
networks and hackathons.


About SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay is headquartered in London with development lead through its office in Berlin.
Angel funding for SatoshiPay Ltd was supplied by Axel Springer Plug & Play and Henning
Peters, seed funding was raised through publicly listed companies Coinsilium Group
(ISDX:COIN) and FastForward Innovations (LON:FFWD). Development of SatoshiPay’s
nanopayment product started in April 2015 and its beta version was released in
February 2016.