Women Investing in Blockchain

There are two subjects that are holding many tech buffs' interest at the moment, the first is blockchain and the second is women in technology. Noticing this, we decided that as part of London Technology Week we would host one of the most exciting events in the week's calendar, "Women Investing in Blockchain".


Sponsored by SILK Ventures, at One Canada Square, we were delighted to welcome six women who are running some of the most exciting companies in the blockchain arena. 

Across two panels we were joined by:

Blockchain and Identity

Irra Khi - Vchain @irra_k
Jessi Baker - Provenance @jessibaker
Jessica Ferguson - Everledger @everledgerio

Blockchain, finance and payments

Christine Bourron - Pi–Ex @PieXltd
Charlene Chen - BitPesa @chartouche
Neva Murarka - Smoogs @smoogs_io

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