VeChain Operations are Underway to Create New Services for Future Adoption While Taking Significant First step

VeChain Project specializes in blockchain and IoT technologies.  The project provides for real-world business applications.  Reputed enterprises in multiple sectors adopt these applications from across the world.  VeChain focuses on enabling its business partners to adopt blockchain technology to provide for a sustainable ecosystem. VeChain is actively working with top universities in a research capacity.  The company is one of the leading firms in terms of blockchain-related patents.

Sunny Lu, Vechain founder, recently stated that the price of most of the tokens is arbitrary.  He stated, “99% of a [token’s value] is linked to speculation, and not to the value that solution can bring to society. This causes many startups to waste a lot of time producing and ‘selling’ the token, failing to develop solutions for where they were initially focused.”

He felt that there is no accurate method for the valuation of projects in this industry.  The value is just a speculation and is not related to the true value of the projects.

Eddy Travia, co-founder and CEO of Coinsilium, further turned on a debate about how to separate the value of the token from the value of the project.

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