Black is more than a Colour, it's a Lifestyle.



Investment & Advisory

Blvck Paris is a lifestyle apparel accessories & digital goods brand, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers worldwide.

The brand was founded in 2017 by French designer, Julian O’hayon and is known for its 'All Black' clothing, accessories and digital goods for men and women.

From visual content to merchandise, Blvck strives to pioneer a new type of lifestyle focused on quality and design. The 'All Black Lifestyle' is a culture shift to live life on your own terms free from vanity. The generic styles of traditional fashion have become obsolete, it's time to Blvckout your life.

In June 2021, Blvck introduced their first drop featured on with 1/1 art drops containing unique Blvck products complementing the art. In 2022, Blvck has further expanded in Web3, with the introduction of its Genesis collection: ‘Blvck Genesis’. Blvck Genesis is a collection of 9,998 Blvck avatar NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. With hundreds of artistic elements, high fashion traits and monochrome aesthetics, each graphic is crafted by Julian O'hayon.