The Future of Trade Finance




LC Lite is a blockchain-enabled platform digitizing global trade receivables finance through a unique token-powered transaction mechanism. It presents investors with a fresh asset class that merges the dependable nature of receivables financing with the upswing potential of its token’s intrinsic value. 

LC Lite has been recently acquired by Incomlend, a regulated global invoice finance marketplace for SMEs with licenses to operate in Singapore and in Hong Kong. Incomlend was founded in 2016 to address the US$2.5 trillion global trade finance gap and was named one of the Top 15 Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore in 2022. 

LC Lite aims to bring Web3 decentralised technology to Incomlend, with improved marketplace liquidity, multi-currency solutions for cross-border export financing and a broad usage of stablecoins. LC Lite will also be well positioned to capitalise on emerging business opportunities from within the fast-growing digital asset market. 

The Problems LC Lite Solves 

For Investors: 

  • Market volatility and risks associated with traditional investment instruments such as stocks and bonds 

  • The unreliability and extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies which often lack intrinsic value or underlying asset 

  • Difficulty in finding investment avenues with stable returns and growth potential 

For Exporters and Importers:   

  • Limited access to funds, making trading activities arduous 

  • A high potential for fraud and default, posing risks for businesses 

  • Delays and operational inefficiencies due to non-unified documentation formats, hindering the overall process