Unleashing the Power of AI in Sustainable Infrastructure Finance



Investment & Advisory

Silta is harnessing the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the feasibility study and financing process for green projects, accelerating the path to a greener and sustainable world. Traditional funding processes often fall short in the race against time to combat climate change. In a typical infrastructure project, the preparation process (including the feasibility study and due diligence) plus competitive tendering can take over 24 months to complete. The financing phase that follows typically takes a further 12 months. Silta’s advanced AI methodology will analyse vast amounts of data automatically, swiftly evaluating a project’s potential, feasibility and risks. A process that once took ages will be accomplished in record time, giving developers the agility needed to deliver projects faster to meet climate targets and address pressing environmental challenges. By automating repetitive tasks, reducing paperwork, and streamlining coordination among stakeholders, Silta aims to optimise every step of the process. This frees up valuable time and resources, allowing developers to focus on the most practical imperatives of driving meaningful change and achieving sustainability goals.