Building the Next-Gen #DeFi Experience for Exchanges, Brokers and Traders




Yellow Network is a Layer-3 peer-to-peer network that uses state channel technology to securely exchange liquidity & facilitate trading, clearing, settlement, and compliance. By design, Yellow Network solves the problem of liquidity fragmentation and introduces a network of brokerages for a more efficient, truly decentralized, trading infrastructure. Yellow Network is a decentralised finance (DeFi) infrastructure that aims to provide a suite of financial tools and services to its participants. One of the services offered by Yellow Network is a decentralised clearing system for trading firms called ClearSync. ClearSync is a system for trading firms that reduces counterparty risk and helps settle trades quickly and efficiently using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Traders deposit collateral into an Adjudicator smart contract to ensure trades are settled, offering a secure and transparent way to trade without traditional clearing houses.