New Advisory Client Win: PLACTAL

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New Advisory Client Win: PLACTAL

First EOS Decentralised Application

Developed by a South Korea based Team


London, UK, 24th April 2018 — Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN), the blockchain venture builder, advisor and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies, is pleased to announce its engagement with Singapore registered MGXP PTE. Ltd ('PLACTAL') to provide advisory services in relation to their Token Generation Event (‘TGE’) for an EOS-powered Decentralised Application (‘Dapp’).

PLACTAL (a compound of ‘Play Data is Capital’) is the first Dapp to be built on the EOS blockchain by a Korean technology development team, providing a data-driven decentralised mobile game advertising platform, connecting game companies and gamers in a direct and cost-efficient manner, without the need for intermediaries.

PLACTAL aims to challenge the advertising model for the mobile gaming industry which is currently encumbered by multiple intermediaries. Through the use of blockchain technology, PLACTAL preserves a gamer's experience by tokenising their gameplay data and creating a resume for them on the blockchain.  This will allow gaming companies to more accurately target gamers and pay them rewards for sharing their gameplay data in Plactal tokens (‘PLT’). The gaming industry is often cited as one of the most conducive sectors for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption; given its tech-savvy user base and prevalent engagement with existing in-game virtual currencies.

Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia commented "We are seeing a growing need for greater transparency in advertising models on digital platforms, and this is an issue that PLACTAL is specifically addressing within the mobile gaming industry. Mobile advertising has historically proven to be a tougher market than online advertising and PLACTAL’s use of data aims to remove the current inefficiencies and friction within this market. The PLACTAL team has a wealth of experience in smartphone applications and mobile content which they intend to carry across to this exciting project. There is a strong gaming community in South Korea and Asia in general which, combined with a widespread awareness and usage of digital currencies, should contribute towards a natural network effect to drive the rapid adoption of the PLACTAL platform".


PLACTAL is the first EOS Dapp built by a South Korean-based technology development team, providing a data-driven, decentralised mobile game advertising platform that connects game companies and gamers directly without an intermediary.

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